Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thank You

I don't normally shoot events. Granted, I have photographed events in the past...lots of them, actually. And I do shoot weddings. But events aren't something I generally advertise because it's not where my passion is.


When I got asked to photograph the retirement of MSG John Lingenfelter, I had to say yes. This man has served our Country for 28 years, with his family behind him. They've overcome all the obstacles that military life can throw at a family, as well as hardships that don't discriminate between military or non-military families.

This day celebrated the close of an almost 3 decade career. Surrounded by friends and family, this hero said "goodbye" to his beloved service and "hello" to the next chapter of life with his family.

Congratulations, MSG (ret) Lingenfelter. Our country owes you a great debt of gratitude.

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