Monday, October 12, 2015

Family Portraits With A Twist

I'm going to admit to something: there was a time when I thought that I didn't like photographing families.
I would get contacted by a family and we would set up a shoot and I would head out to a park somewhere near sunset and I would take their portraits. Then I would go home and edit the photos and the whole time I would be groaning to myself because I would have rather been doing anything else. I thought that maybe family portraiture wasn't for me. Maybe I should stop offering it so that people could go to other photographers who loved photographing families. After all, I want people to have amazing portraits of themselves that they cherish and they're much more likely to have images they love and have a great experience if they're working with a photographer who is passionate about their work. They could offer something to these families that I couldn't.
It wasn't until my first conceptual shoot that I realized something; I didn't dislike photographing families at all. I just disliked photographing families the way everyone else was doing it. In fact, the industry is SO saturated with the exact same photograph just repeated over and over again with different families that it almost feels like running people through an assembly line: here's a family, here's a park (or a field or a beach) here's a sunset, wash, rinse, repeat.
 I found myself so drawn to fashion photography because it was DIFFERENT. It was artistic. Every session was new.
Recently, I was thumbing through a Vanity Fair magazine and found myself wondering, "why can't I photograph families like that?"
Something clicked in my head and I realized then that I DID have something to offer the families, I could offer them something no one else would have...I could give them the fantasy.

We live in the mundane every day; mowing lawns and making beds, cleaning up cereal messes and wiping down toilets, commuting to work and helping with homework, driving to baseball practice and staying up late to finish that report for our boss. These little things are important and even beautiful in their own way but, since they make up our every day life, we tend to grow so used to them that they don't spark our imagination anymore.
There is a reason that people love a Cinderella story. It tells everyone's heart that the dream isn't just a fantasy; you CAN live it. That's where I can help. That's what I can give.

I have a chance to take people out of their  mundane lives and create a bit of magic that I can capture forever in a work of art.

I can introduce you to Peter and take you off to Neverland

I can add a bit of Fairy Magic to a little girls life

I can bring my hair and makeup team and give a family the full fashion experience

I can take you out of the routine of your day to day life give you the chance to live the fantasy for a little while, and create a piece of artwork that will let you re-live it for the rest of your life.

Give me a call and let's find out what YOUR fantasy is so we can make it a reality.

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