Sunday, March 2, 2014

Darling Nora; Cale and Kathleen's Blessing

Cale and Kathleen are truly a once in a lifetime kind of couple.
They were high school sweethearts, married young and making the most of their lives. Cale joined the army and deployed overseas, and Kathleen traveled on missionary trips to foreign countries. All the while, this special couple inspired everyone that knew them with their faith in God, their love for people, and their deep love and devotion to each other.
A car accident threatened to change all of that. It left Cale fighting for his life, and Kathleen in constant prayer that God would keep their family whole.

He did.

Cale proved the Doctors wrong when he lived.
He proved them wrong when he woke from a coma.
When he began to speak
to walk
he proved them wrong.
Despite living with a traumatic brain injury, Cale continues to break barriers and prove wrong anyone who doubts his will to live and to love.

And Kathleen never stopped fighting. Fighting in prayer, fighting for the best care for the man she loved, fighting doubt and fear about their future, fighting to keep her husband at home and not in a nursing facility, fighting the effects of TBI and the struggles of becoming a care provider.

Through all of this their faith, their love, and their devotion never wavered. They trusted in the will of the God they both serve to hold them up, and to use them to glorify Himself.

He did.

He does.

God blessed them with a once in a lifetime kind of love, and now they have one more blessing to thank Him for.

A soon-to-be-born baby girl.

From high school sweethearts to a soldier and his princess, from a boy and a girl to a man and his wife.
And soon...
to Mommy and Daddy.

Here are some teasers from their maternity session, and here's to celebrating the special love that created tummy baby, Nora Grace

Cale reads to Nora every day. He talks to her, and tells her how very much she is loved. Being able to witness the absolute honesty and heartbreaking sincerity of his love for his unborn daughter was so touching, it almost had me in tears.

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