Tuesday, November 25, 2014

What Boudoir Photography REALLY Does for Women

"You know you'll have to run, like, 5 miles to burn off the calories in that hamburger, right?"

"You should eat a hamburger, girl, a stiff wind could blow you away!"

"Are you getting a gym membership for the new year?"

"Real men like curves. Only dogs like bones."

"I'm sorry, but you will have to look in the "plus size" section for dress that will fit."

"Damn, girl, you look good in those jeans!"

"Hey, you should smile. You'd look so pretty if you smiled."

"Aren't you a little young to be wearing that?"

"Aren't you a little old to be dressing that way?"

"Well, if you dress that way, you are basically inviting that kind of attention."

"We can 'freshen you up' with about 20 minutes and this little needle."

Too fat. Too thin. Too emotional. Doesn't smile enough. Too sexy. Sleazy. Too modest. Prude.

It seems to me like everyone has something to say about women's bodies and what they should be doing with them. Women are bombarded with the advice and criticism of friends and family members, blasted with imagery by the media, Hollywood, advertisers; everyone under the sun has something to say about how a woman should view her body.

One of the things I *LOVE* about Boudoir photography is that it gives women the ability to take control over how they see their own bodies. She can be fun and playfull, whimsical and quirky, sultry or romantic, vulnerable or powerful: whoever she is and however she lives in her own skin can be captured and put into her hands.
Physcial proof that she is how SHE sees herself and not how someone else tells she she should.
Proof that she doesn't need to lose 5 more pounds.
Proof that girls with abs ARE feminine.
Proof that her scars are beautiful.
Proof that ladies over 50 are still sexy as hell.
Ultimately, proof that her body is her own to define.
Boudoir photography allows women to take back the power we have given to others and to define how we perceive our bodies, and how we will allow other people to see them...or not.

Boudoir is a term derived from a french word for a lady's private chamber, sitting or dressing room. It's where she is safe to be whomever she is, free from the eyes of the outside world. Where she can be vulnerable, no mask required, no judgement.

I want every woman to see herself, to BE herself, to define herself so that the outside world has no power over her self-image.

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