Saturday, January 3, 2015

Families Falling

I had families falling this fall. That's a lot of alliteration! Rather, I had families falling all over themselves to get out into the beautiful fall colors of the Pacific Northwest and have their portraits taken.

Here are 2 of my favs. These families, aside from being obviously gorgeous ( I mean, just LOOK at those faces! ) were such a joy to work with.

For this first shoot, we went to the Seattle Arboretum, which is absolutely STUNNING. It was almost impossible to find a place to park, but my superior maneuvering and sturdy walking shoes made it happen.
If you ever get the chance to head to the Arboretum, GO THERE.

This family headed to a park just outside their hometown. Shooting in evening light always rocks,  but we lucked out with the most gorgeous diffused sunlight and man, I love these shots.

How cute are those cowboy boots!?