Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I am terrible about sending Christmas cards. Well cards of any sort, really. If you don't believe me, you can ask my mother in law how many birthday and mother's day cards she hasn't received. I still have almost all of them, too.
It's not because I don't want to send cards, or let people know that I am thinking of them and care about them. It's really a conglomeration of 2 issues; one is that I am both a terrible procrastinator AND a bit flaky so that I forget about one thing as soon as I remember that other thing I had to do, and the other is that the moment you try to pressure me to do something, I automatically want to want to do the complete opposite. I absolutely HATE feeling pressured by the Christmas "industry" to send cards, and then feeling guilty if I didn't. Plus, having to buy stamps and write little personal notes to everyone when I have a 3 boys, a baby, a business, a home and 2 pets to take care of...it kinda takes all the joy out of the holidays.

Sometimes I just want to spend my extra time during the holidays WITH MY KIDS.
So this year, I just said no.
Not doing it.

I figured there had to be other people out there like me, right? People who don't want that pressure. I still want my family and friends to see how we have been doing through the year, and I'd like for them to know that we are thinking of them during the holidays, but I don't want the drudgery of Christmas cards.

That's why this year, I am offering family commercial mini sessions! I LOVE this idea, because it get's everything across, is personalized, and can be easily shared with your loved ones!
Now, I know that most of us have family member that are...let's say, technologically impaired, and wouldn't see this kind of video, so I am including 25 beautiful gold foil stamped cards with gold lined envelopes so that those family members who won't see your video will still get gorgeous portraits of their loved ones.

There are only 4 sessions available, so please don't wait to book!
Email me at:  nicoleyorkphotography@rocketmail.com

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