Friday, October 17, 2014

Senior Representative; Kristiana Tupua

Senior Representative for Yelm High School, Kristiana Tupua...where do I begin? National Honor Society, Running start at South Sound Community College, and a very talented singer who is active in the Yelm High School Select Choir; how in the world could I NOT want my business to be represented by this young lady!?
Aside from all the great qualities she possesses, and c'mon LOOK at the girl she's gorgeous, I was also really excited to photograph part of her heritage. I literally got to watch her Hula on a beach during the sunset. Wow.
Being passionate about singing, and wanting to incorporate that somehow into her Senior Photos, was great fodder for my imagination. I immediately thought, hey, let's glam this girl up and do an homage to Billie Holiday!
Lesson to all...don't give me any excuses to get creative if you don't want me to go all-out-crazy on you!

Here are a few of Kristiana's favorites...and a couple of my own, to boot.

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